There is no denying that Taiwan is not a famous destination in Asia like Japan or Bali. But surprisingly, the country has a one of a kind quality that interest me and decided to visit. As Taiwan’s reputation with tourists grows, more and more people are discovering its pleasures beyond Taipei, including the spectacular city view, famous night market, and must try bubble tea / milk. While in Taiwan, I happened to stay at W Taipei, a hotel filled with serene beauty of the city of Taipei and Taipei 101 view.

There is something to remember. I also given a chance to demonstrate a yoga class in W Taipei. We perfectly doing yoga in one of the finest room of W Taipei. This yoga session is an exclusive for the member of the hotel, so it was my pleasure to give them my experience all about yoga.

A trip won’t be perfect without culinary session. Yes, I was delighted by the menu at the YEN Restaurant of W Taipei with michellin menu. Don’t call yourself a foodie if you haven’t had a taste of these heavenly indulgences. Sure will be back again to Taiwan.




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