HI everyone!  Finally i have wordpress blog. This is something new for me for the person who don’t write to much cos i think i don’t have any talent as a blogger to share a story. Many people talk to me and push me to have a blog to share my passion and journey in my yoga world and other things.

Random though in the first of May. I’m decided to have my own blog after long time of thinking. I talk to many people before i creates my own personal blog from coffee shop to another coffee shop, so anyway…. for a present to myself in my birthday i think  i want something special and here we go my personal blog.

I would like say i’m so excited to show you pieces of my life through my blog. Thank you all for supporting me and care so much to me, it means a lot. Honestly i do it for you guys, I inspired by you and many people in my life and we need to support each other. Spread Love Not War Less Drama. LOVE YOU ALL . . .


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